Events and Directions in the life of Diana, Princess of Wales


Diana, Princess of Wales.
July 1, 1961. 17:23:49 (UT). Rectified by Isaac Starkman.
52° 50’ N – 0° 30’ E.

Engagement to Prince Charles (February 24, 1981).

Mercury (d) 0° P.fort. Exact.
Jupiter (d) 150° MC. Orb:5′.
V (c) 90° Sun. Orb:5′.
Ur (p) 90° Venus. Orb:2′.

Marriage to Prince Charles (July 29, 1981).

Venus (r) 90° Jupiter. Orb:5′.
Moon (p) 0° Neptune. Exact. (emotional confusion)
V (c) 45° Venus. Orb:1′.
V (c) 45° Moon. Orb:7′.
V (r) 135° Ur. Orb:1′.

Divorce from Prince Charles/Financial gain: $26 million divorce settlement (August 28, 1996 ).

Jupiter (c) 120° MC. Orb:4′.
Asc. (d) 90° PL. Orb:3′.
MC (c) 120° Venus. Orb:5′.
NN (d) 0° PL. Orb:5′.
Venus (p) 90° NN. Orb:2′.

Death by Accident (August 31, 1997).

Mars (p) 45° Neptune. Orb:1′.
Jupiter (r) 150° VIII. Exact.
Saturn (r) 150° NN. Orb:5′.
Neptune (c) 45° Ur. Exact.
PL (c) 180° Jupiter. Orb:6′.
NN (p) 150° Saturn. Exact.
VIII (c) 90° PL. Orb:5′.
MC (p) 0° Neptune. Orb:7′.


d: direct.
c: converse.
p: progressed.
r: regressed.
*The first factor is the directed factor and the second factor is the radical factor.

Dates for the events are taken from AstroDatabank.


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