Confirmation of a Rectification with PSSR


We will be using Mike Tysons’ rectified chart by Juan Estadella from his book “Predictive Astrology” (available for free through his website:

His expertise and finesse in rectification is clearly shown by how the aspects align perfectly to the events by pure planetary symbolism.

In these examples I have not differentiated aspects derived from the Direct SSR or the Prenatal SSR, nor if they are progressed factors in direct or converse movement. This is not relevant as the interpretation does not vary.

Mike Tyson.
June 30, 1966. 13:40:24 (UT). Rectified by Juan Estadella.
40°N42′ — 74°W00′

Professional debut: Tyson defeats Hector Mercedes in one round (March 6, 1985). [Jupiter was sextiling his angular Ur/PL conjunction loosely in his radix, and when it matured, this event occurred.]

Jupiter 180° Sun. Orb:12′.
NN 0° Venus. Orb:5′.

Death of his mentor and trainer since age 13 (November 4, 1985).

Moon 90° Ur. Orb:11′.
Moon 90° PL. Orb:11′.
Venus 90° VIII. Orb:11′.
Mars 60° XII. Orb:4′.
Saturn 45° Mars. Orb:10′.
Ur 0° Mars. Orb:7′.
Neptune 135° NN. Orb:1′.

Marriage to Robin Givens (February 7, 1988).

Venus 0° MC. Orb:8′.
Venus 0° NN. Orb:2′.

Accident: knocked unconscious after driving his BMW into a tree (September 4, 1988). [every single aspect that matured that day is listed]

Moon 120° Mars. Orb:11′.
Mercury 45° Mercury. Orb:11′.
Venus 45° XII. Orb:2′.
Mars 60° Mars. Orb:8′.
Mars 60° NN. Orb:3′.

Divorced Robin Givens (February 14, 1989).

Venus 45° NN. Orb:5′.
Mars 90° Mars. Orb:2′.
Mars 90° NN. Orb:6′.

Loses heavyweight after being knocked out by james “Buster” Douglas (February 11, 1990).

Moon 180° Moon. Orb:12′.
Neptune 180° Saturn. Orb:11′.

His sister Denise dies of a heart attack (February 24, 1990).

Mercury 90° VIII. Orb:7′.
Saturn 45° Mercury. Exact.
Neptune 60° XII. Exact.

Institutionalization: prison, hospital (February 10, 1992).

Venus 90° NN. Orb:8′.
Mars 90° IC. Orb:12′.

Death of Father (October 28, 1992).

Moon 45° VIII. Orb:10′.
Mars 150° Moon. Exact.
Saturn 60° Jupiter. Exact.
Neptune 90° Mars. Orb:6′.
Neptune 120° NN. Orb:10′.
PL 120° VIII. Orb:12′.

Divorce Monica Turner (January 14, 2003).

Mars 180° Neptune. Orb:7′.
PL 90° PL. Orb:6′.
PL 90° Ur.Orb:6′.
NN 90° XII. Exact.

Daughter Exodus accidentally strangled (May 26, 2009).

Moon 150° IC. Orb:10′.
Ur 90° Mars. Orb:9′.
PL 150° Moon. Orb:10′.
PL 0° Jupiter. Orb:9′.
NN 30° VIII. Orb:8′.

Son Morocco Elijah is born (January 25, 2011).

Venus 135° V. Orb:12.
NN 180° Jupiter. Orb:3′.

Induced into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (June 12, 2011).

Venus 120° Moon. Orb:7′.
NN 180° Jupiter. Orb:2′.

*Dates for the event are taken from AstroDatabank.


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