Events and Directions in the life of Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson.
June 30, 1966. 13:40:24 (UT). Rectified by Juan Estadella.
40°N42′ — 74°W00′

“This is the birth chart of Mike Tyson. His explosive strength, not exempt from a certain aggressiveness and violence, is explained by his Ascendant in Leo which contains an explosive generational conjunction between Uranus and Pluto, practically exact in degrees and minutes. This conjunction is found in square (6º orb) to an angular, elevated and powerful Mars in the X house. In addition, Mars is sextile to the Ascendant, an aspect that grants strength and energy. The Sun, ruler of the Ascendant, is found in conjunction with Jupiter, which is in a good cosmic condition (exalted in Cancer). Note also that Saturn is in square to the midpoint between the Sun and Mars, a configuration that reinforces the aforementioned traits.” ~Juan Estadella.

For a walk-through on how Juan Estadella rectified this horoscope, see the book: “Predictive Astrology” p:112.

Events and Directions in the Life of Mike Tyson:

Tyson defeats Hector Mercedes in one round (6 March 1985)

Jupiter (p) 60° Ur. Orb:3′.
Jupiter (p) 60° PL. Orb:3′.
Moon (d) 120° MC. Orb:3′.
Moon (p) 0° Mercury (p). Orb:15′.
Mercury (r) 0° Jupiter (r). Orb:2′.

Mentor and trainer since age of 13 dies (4 November 1985)

Sun (c) 90° VIII. Orb:6′.
Mercury (d) 90° Neptune. Orb:6′.
Moon (r) 90° Mars. Orb:10′.
Moon (r) 120° Neptune (r). Orb:2′.
Sun (r) 90° Moon (r). Orb:9′.
Sun (r) 150° Neptune (r). Orb:11′.
Asc. (r) 90° Venus (r). Exact.

Prize (WBC championship) (22 November 1986)

Asc. (r) 120° Moon. Orb:7′.
MC (p) 180° Moon. Orb:11′.
Moon (r) 120° Jupiter (r). Orb:8′.
Jupiter (p) 0° PL (p). Exact.

Prize (WBA heavyweight title) (3 March 1987)

Sun (p) 30° Asc. Orb:11′.
MC (p) 30° Jupiter. Orb:5′.
Jupiter (p) 60° PL (p). Orb:3′.

Prize (undisputed heavyweight championship) (1 August 1987)

Ur (c) 0° Asc. Orb:9′.
Jupiter (c) 0° Mars. Orb:11′.
Moon (p) 0° PL. Orb:32′.
Moon (p) 0° Ur. Orb:32′.
Moon (p) 60° Jupiter (p). Orb:1′.
Moon (p) 0° PL (p). Orb:15′.
Moon (p) 0° Ur (p). Orb:15′.
Moon (r) 60° MC (r). Orb:7′.

Marriage to Robin Givens (7 February 1988)

Moon (r) 90° NN. Exact.

Breaks a bone in his right hand in a street brawl with professional fighter Mitch Green (23 August 1988)

Sun (p) 0° XII. Orb:4′.
Sun (p) 120° Saturn. Orb:8′.

Tyson is knocked unconscious after driving his BMW into a tree (4 September 1988)

Moon (r) 150° Ur. Orb:5′.
Moon (r) 150° PL. Orb:5′.
Sun (p) 0° XII. Orb: 6′.
Sun (p) 120° Saturn. Orb:7′.

loses heavyweight after being knocked out by James “Buster” Douglas (11 February 1990)

Mercury (d) 90° NN. Orb:11′.
NN (p) 0° MC. Orb:8′.
XII (r) 0° Sun. Orb:4′.
XII (p) 90° Neptune. Exact.

His sister Denise dies of a heart attack (24 February 1990)

Saturn (p) 120° XII. Orb:11′.
VIII (r) 30° Saturn. Orb: 9′.
VIII (p) 120° Moon. Orb:1′.
NN (p) 0° MC. Orb:8′.
XII (r) 0° Sun. Orb:5′.
XII 90° Neptune. Orb:1′.
Asc. (p) 0° PL (p). Orb:8′.
Sun (p) 90° PL (p). Orb:6′.

Rape of Desiree Washington (19 July 1991)

NN (p) 0° MC. Orb:3′.
MC (p) 90° Ur. Orb:11′.
MC (p) 90° PL. Orb:11.
Mars (c) 90° Asc. Orb:6′.
Saturn (p) 120° XII rad. Orb:9′.

Institutionalized – prison, hospital (convicted of rape/imprisoned) (10 February 1992)

Moon (p) 0° Neptune. Orb:32′.
XII (r) 180° Asc. Orb:9′.
Saturn (p) 120° XII. Orb:8′.
PL (c) 90° MC. Orb:2′.
XII (c) 0° Sun. Orb:6′.
NN (p) 0° MC rad. Orb:2′.

Sentenced to six years in prison followed by four years on probation (26 March 1992)

Moon (p) 180° MC. Orb:13′.
Saturn (p) 120° XII. Orb:8′.
NN (p) 0° MC. Orb:1′.
Moon (p) 180° NN (p). Orb:11′.
PL (p) 90° MC (p). Orb:9′.
Jupiter (r) 0° XII (r). Orb:5′.
XII (c) 0° Sun. Exact.
MC (d) 90° Ur/PL. Orb:7′.

His stepfather Jimmy Kirkpatrik dies (28 October 1992)

Moon (p) 120° Saturn. Orb:9′.
Venus (r) 90° Mercury. Exact.
Venus (d) 90° Saturn. Orb:7′.
NN (p) 0° MC. Exact.
Mercury (r) 0° Mars. Orb:2′.
Ur (p) 90° MC (p). Orb:7′.

Daughter Rayna is born (14 February 1996)

Moon (d) 180° Sun. Orb:5′.
Mercury (d) 0° Asc. orb:11′.
Moon (p) 180° Jupiter. Orb:8′.
NN (p) 0° MC. Orb:10′.

Marriage to Monica Turner (19 April 1997)

Mercury (c) 0° Sun. Orb:8′.
Venus (p) 150° Moon. Orb:1′.

Son Amir born (5 August 1997)

Ur (d) 90° Jupiter. Orb:6′.
Venus (p) 0° Jupiter. Orb:1′.

Broke a rib and punctured a lung on his right side when his motorcycle skidded off a Connecticut highway after hitting a patch of sand (29 October 1997)

PL (d) 90° Sun. Orb:2′.
Mars (c) 0° MC. Orb:12′.
VIII (r) 120° Mars. Orb:7′.
Saturn (p) 120° XII. Orb:1′.
Asc. (p) 90° Mars. Orb:3′.
Moon (r) 30° Ur. Orb:11′.
Moon (r) 30° PL. Orb:11′.
Moon (p) 180° Mercury (p). Orb:6′.

Bankruptcy (1 August 2003)

II (c) 90° Neptune. Orb:2′.
Asc. (c) 0° XII. Orb:3′.
Neptune (r) 60° II. Orb:9′.
Saturn (r) 150° Asc. Exact.
Venus (p) 120° Neptune (p). Orb:11′.

Daughter Exodus accidentally strangled (26 May 2009)

XII (c) 0° Mars. Exact.
Mercury (c) 180° V. Orb:11′.
NN (p) 60° VIII. Orb:10′.
Neptune (r) 120° VIII. Exact.
Mars (p) 120° IC. Orb:13′.
Sun (p) 90° Neptune (p). Orb:8′.
Sun (r) 60° Saturn (r). Orb:7′.

Marriage to Lakiha Spicer (6 June 2009)

Mars (p) 0° Jupiter (p). Orb:1′.

Son Morocco Elijah born (25 January 2011)

Moon (d) 120° MC. Orb:11′.
Venus (d) 60° Ur/PL. Orb:2′.
Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (12 June 2011)

P.fort (c) 180° Mars. Exact.
Jupiter (p) 60° MC. Orb:11′.
Sun (p) 0° NN (p). Orb:11′.


(p): progressed.
(r): regressed.
(p) to (p): progressed to progressed.
(r) to (r): regressed to regressed.


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