Notes on Relationship Astrology by Juan Estadella


Notes on Relationship Astrology by Juan Estadella

In this section, I will outline some of the main elements of an important astrological chapter to which we might call “Relationships in Astrology”. Usually, and wrongly, a number of astrologers refer to it as Synastry, but this is only one technique over this astrological section. It is perhaps the most important part, but not the only, as discussed below.

Within this astrological chapter, which studies everything that has to do with personal relationships, professional or other forms of relationship between individuals, groups or entities other, we have the same Synastry as fundamental to prosecute any relationship part. However, we also have different forms of Composite Charts and different “accessory” horoscopes, more or less important, such as the wedding Chart, an association or the Chart for a first meeting.

Needless to say, all these applications, all these techniques, are not limited to natal or personal astrology, but can be used in the business or world, for example. However, its use is more prevalent in natal astrology, so it will depart from here to expose and show how these techniques are applied in astrological practice.

If we simply study the potential of a relationship in particular, the first thing we study is separate charts of the two persons who are or would form the pair. For example: planets in hemispheres, in house VII, aspects at the ruler of house VII, planets in house V and aspects to its ruler, planets in Libra and other minor astrological configurations, such as the Part of Marriage. Obviously, with respect to the couple it is not the same to have the majority of planets in the Eastern Hemisphere than in the Western Hemisphere. In the first case the person can be excessively independent and autonomous and that can seriously affect the relationship itself. Neither is it the same to have Saturn or Uranus in VII as to have the Sun or Jupiter in the same house. And someone with four planets in Aries will be different, with respect to the couple, from another person with four planets in Libra. In the latter case, the need to share or mate will be much higher, of course. Or take the natal chart look like Venus in dissonant aspect with Uranus, which strongly influences the possible relationships. And so with everything. Even in the individual theme can be seen, indirectly, the other, the couple. For example, the letter of a woman with the Sun square Saturn may indicate a husband or partner with any limitations or simply someone cold and selfish. However, it is not always the case, so that must be prudent in assessing such indirect astrological information. Besides, the cusp of the VII house can show us, to a certain extent, what we look for or find in others. Thus, each letter individually, and speaks of a certain predisposition, about trends and a different potential for each case, regardless of the relationship established between two charts, synastry level or other techniques. That is, even with a perfect and highly promising synastry, if someone has in his letter different configurations that tend to not commit to a partner, it is unlikely that such a relationship become established.

Synastry is, as we know, the comparison of two natal issues at different levels: by elements, Hemispheres or the type of issues that predominates. Study the aspects that are formed between the chart “A” with respect to chart “B” or in which sector of chart “A” the radical factors of chart “B” are located, for example, and vice versa. Synastry seems to be the word from the Greek syn (with, together, at the same time) and Astron (star).

Within the same synastry, the most important element is precisely the aspect that is formed between a native factor of a chart with another radical factor of a different chart. Especially if it is about personal factors, such as the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars. And in relation to the field of the couple, the most relevant planetary pairs are, obviously, the Sun-Moon and Venus-Mars couples. Thus, if Mars of “A” is conjunct, in sextile or trine with Venus of “B”, there will be a certain physical attraction between both, provided that age, sex or other conditioning, be it family or social, for example , do not impede or neutralize it. Nor here I am a supporter of recourse to recipes or pre-fabricated combinations. It is better to rely on pure planetary symbolism combined. And it is not difficult to obtain the product of two planets of two different chart in appearance between them. For example, if the Mars planet “A” receives a trine from Saturn “B”, it is possible that the latter halt, direct or channel the energy of the first harmonic and rhythmic, avoiding excessive demonstrations of all kinds of Mars from “A”. The orb that I recommend in synastry, in its different applications, is 6º of arc at most, in principle, although the reduced orbs are those that produce the strongest or most noticeable effects.

As I said, the most important contacts between both chart are those that come from planets or more personal factors, so to speak. In this way, the aspects between the Sun of “A” and the Sun of “B” show a certain basic harmony or disharmony, essential, between both letters. A harmonious aspect may indicate affinity and harmony between the two people. And the inharmonic aspects, the opposite. The Sun-Moon aspects are especially important in an eventual relationship. The conjunction, the sextile or the trine indicate a good harmony on a personal (character) and emotional level. It is one of the ideal aspects for any relationship, for representing and evidencing the male and female role in general, especially at a personal and social level. As is the case with the Venus-Mars planetary pair, this aspect or synastrical loop gains much if the Sun or Mars is that of man and the Moon or Venus of woman the planets that are in aspect. The Sun-Venus aspects are also important in a couple, because they highlight the affectionate part of the relationship. The same as the Sun-Mars aspects, which highlight the more physical and external side, stimulating desire in the couple. No less important are the harmonic aspects Venus-Venus, they affect directly affection, love and everything beautiful or pleasurable existence from the perspective of those who have this contact between the planets. Another classic aspect in synastry is the Venus-Mars relationship, which highlights the more physical side of every relationship between people of different sex (preferably) and of similar age. There will be, in the case of the conjunction and harmonic aspects of a healthy but intense physical attraction, including the need for sexual intercourse, for example. It is an aspect of sensuality, passion and sex. It is more indicative of occasional lovers than a stable marital relationship. The inharmonious aspects -and to some extent, the conjunction- do not prevent such attraction, as is well known, but they can even accentuate it or turn it into pure passion, into excitement and physical challenge, although they always involve some kind of abruptness, difficulty or disharmony. in the relationship. In other cases, to mediate a big age difference, because they are same – sex or in cases of family and friends, the look can simply encourage fun, games.

At the partner level, other important planetary relationships can be: Moon-Moon, Moon-Venus, Moon-Mars or Mars-Mars aspects. In this last combination, the harmonic aspects can also show a certain physical attraction, in the same way that it facilitates working side by side, working as a team. The inharmonious aspects can be really conflictive, typical of people who argue frequently or even of rivals and enemies. They are also difficult inter-chart aspects inharmonious aspects between Mars-Saturn, Mars and Uranus or Mars-Pluto and the Sun-Mars. At a general level, for all types of relationships, they are Particularly favorable harmonic aspects such as Venus or Mercury-Jupiter-Venus. And Mercury-Mercury aspects as if they are harmonious, can facilitate communication and the intellectual exchange between two people, being extremely stimulating. Here, both will appear to be on the same mental level; the ideas will flow in both directions and will be able to work and create as a team. As the reader can see, it is not difficult to establish the meaning of two planets that are in contact between two different charts. It will be enough to combine them in an appropriate way, according to the planetary symbolism and according to the type of aspect, harmonic or inharmonic, that unites them. The aspects between slow planets are certainly not important in a relationship; and even less decisive, but can be a adding, so to speak, not inconsiderable.

One of the most important principles in synastry is to assess whether between chart “A” and “B” the harmonic or inharmonic aspects (crossed, between both letters) predominate. That is, a purely quantitative assessment, to which a qualitative assessment must follow, obviously. And this is so because if the Mars of “A” is square with the Mars of “B”, it is possible that among them, although the harmonic aspects prevail between both cards, there is a certain rivalry or animosity.

You also have to compare the charts by Hemispheres or Elements, and even by dominant themes, at the level of harmonic or inharmonic aspects in one chart and in the other; all information is useful. Thus, someone with no planets in fire signs someone might find interesting with this element highlighted in his chart. The classical harmony or disharmony derived from considering the Elements at the level of the solar sign should not be disregarded. Aries, a priori, relates well with Sagittarius (both are signs of Fire) or with Gemini (Fire-Air), but not so well with Cancer (Fire-Water) or with Capricorn (Fire-Earth). It is a very basic assessment, but it has its importance.

There is no perfect synastry. And, if it existed, maybe it would be too boring. Do not forget that it is always better to complement than repeat, so to speak. Two suns in Aries in conjunction may not be the most desirable, despite the undeniable basic affinity. A trine is better between them, since the relationship will be richer and more interesting, don’t you think? The astrologer should warn his client not only of the strengths of a relationship, but also weaknesses, to work and polish the eventual relationship and improve it, either personal or partnership, friendship or professional. But when there are no issues or important relationships between two natal charts, that gap can only announce that nothing will happen between these people. In fact, synastry confirms what reality suggests to us, however little sensitive we may be: attraction, repulsion or indifference towards someone; or interest or disinterest in something, whether it’s a club, a company or a country, for example.

Synastry is, as we know, operating on many levels. One may unknowingly have their checking account at a bank which feels more sympathy. Or you move to a city where you feel comfortable, at home. In both cases, there will probably be a favorable synastry. In one of my books I mention the curious and fatal synastry between the birth chart of John F. Kennedy and that of the city of Dallas (Texas, USA), where he was murdered. And there are other sinastrías even more curious; in my case, on a visit to Caracas (Venezuela), in March 2007, on the occasion to make an astrological seminar at a hotel in town, I found that the hotel in question, the Coliseum Hotel (25-02 founded -1975), had an interesting synastry: the Sun of the hotel in conjunction with my natal Ascendant and Mercury, the planet Venus of said establishment in conjunction (exact) with my natal Saturn, Jupiter of the hotel in trine (exact) to my natal Jupiter and Uranus of the hotel in conjunction, exact also, to my natal Mars. In this hotel I stayed several days, I ate, I met with astrologers and taught an astrological seminar. A simple coincidence? Less significant, less important, although in my case, is the attraction that always felt by a simple poster of French painter H. Toulouse-Lautrec: a famous lithograph of this Gallic painter named Jane Avril au Jardin de Paris, the 1893. in the Legal Deposit figure as a sign registered exactly the May 8, 1893, in Paris. A sinástrico aspect alone can explain this attraction Jupiter poster conjunct my natal Venus. Somehow, Jupiter expands, amplifies what can represent, among other things, Venus in a natal chart: art, aesthetics and the sense of beauty, in any form or manifestation. And if the reader, male or female, is attracted to that actress or actor in an inexplicable way, who finds out the date of birth of said public figure and, probably, finds an interesting synastry between the two …

In short: we will find consistent syn-rhythms between employees and companies, between bosses and the letters of the companies they manage, between co-workers who work side by side, between fans or fans and their idols, between husbands or lovers, between friends, between neighbors fought and among all those who, directly or indirectly, have been in contact with another person, establishing a link, harmonic or inharmonic, between them. And in the middle, of course, the synastry: what kind of aspect unites them, what planets or radical factors it is and other considerations, which will explain the result of the relationship itself. Synastry always we find interesting, such as that united the famous Spanish writer Juan Ramón Jiménez Gil Roesset sculptress Marga (n. 03/03/1908). The planet Mars of the latter was in conjunction with the Saturn of the Spanish author, among other aspects; but it was this sinástrico loop which perhaps justifies the hardness of an event that affected both directly or indirectly: the suicide of the sculptress to feel rejected by JR Jimenez. It’s a tough, rough, very strong look, under the framework of other aspects to be channeled in one direction or another. In this case, with a tragic outcome, heartbreak loving and for the suicide that followed him. Another interesting synastry is that which unites not two people, but two Spanish football clubs: FC Barcelona (No. 29-11-1899) and Real Madrid (6-03-1902). I will show only the two aspects or synastrical ties to better justify the rivalry and even mutual dislike that profess a sporting level and beyond: the planet Mars FC Barcelona is in quadrature to Mars Real Madrid (Orb 1). And besides, the planet Mars Real Madrid is in quadrature the planet Saturn FC Barcelona, which more than justifies what happens on the pitch and off it.

Another important application of synastry is, as we said, the superposition of two horoscopes or birth charts level ecliptic longitude. In this way, we will consider what house or “A” industry fall planets and other factors radical “B” and vice versa. Especially important will be the superpositions of planets or angles on the cusps of houses, between one letter and another. For example, if Mars of “A” is at 6º of Libra and the top of house VI of “B” is at 6º of the same sign, Libra, there will be an interaction between what Mars implies or symbolizes and between the meaning of the house VI. In this way, it is possible that “A” collaborates closely with “B” at the professional level, for example, although due to the nature of this combination, tensions or disputes may arise easily, especially at the labor level. If Mars “A” will be found at 20º Libra, ie inside the house VI of “B” but not exactly at its peak, it may also be a clear interaction at the professional level, but much less pronounced and important , if it ever happens. It should be noted that recommend using orb + – 6, as discussed in the previous application within the synastry and the domification by Topocentric or Placidus system.

For any combination, without resorting here to prefabricated recipes, it is necessary to place any aspect that arises in the context of the relationship. We should consider the difference of age, if there are family or friendship ties, if the link is personal or professional, and other considerations. This type of differentiation is essential, if we want to establish an accurate influence, adjusted to reality. Note that if Mars from “A” falls into the VIII house of “B” it can generate multiple results, which will depend precisely on the factors that frame that aspect, in the form of a real context, of the very reality of the relationship. Thus, it is possible that “A” is the banker, financial advisor or administrator of “B”, in the same way that, being young or middle-aged people of different sex, they could be perfectly loving, among other possibilities. We will develop a possible combination: the Sun of “A” in the house I “B”. Here, “A” illuminates, warms with its sun to “B” overall. “B” will feel stimulated, protected, driven by “A”, and this will have a certain descent on “B”. More examples: if the planet Venus of “A” is in the middle of the house V of “B”, “A” can bring fun, pleasures or creativity to “B”, for different reasons and ways. If age permits, if men and women could be a romance, an affectionate relationship between them, generated or encouraged by this. If Jupiter “A” is in the house X “B”, you may first encourage, support or favor, somehow, career second. And so with any combination that exists between the letter of two people.

I show a last example, which includes the aspects between the two radicals factors and the interaction resulting from locating the planets of a person on the others chart. In this case, taking Marie Antoinette’s birth chart (# 2-11-1718, with an Ascendant around the 25th of Gemini), if we compare her with HA Von Fersen, her lover, we can see that the planet Mars of him is in trine to her Venus (1st orb), just as his moon is in sextile to her Venus, and Venus to him in conjunction with her Jupiter, in addition to finding a sextile between both suns. If we superimpose Von Fersen’s planets on Marie Antoinette’s letter, we will find Mars of him on her Ascendant, Jupiter of him on the cusp of the house V of her and, also, to the North Node of him on the same cusp of the house V of the French queen (aspects very important for the type of relation that united to them). Do you believe or not you were lovers in the Versailles of the time, as you say? I think so…

Without neglecting the synastry, we can point it plays an important role in what we might call the astrological heritage. It is known that children are not born at any time, but there is a clear tendency for their radical sinástrico factors have a strong bond with their parents. The most frequent, perhaps, is that the Ascendant of the son is in the same zodiacal sign as the Sun of the father or the mother. It has also been found that the sun sign of the son is the same as that of the father or the mother, just as the Ascendant of the son is in the same zodiacal sign as the Ascendant of one of the parents. Or the Sun of the son in the same sign as the Ascendant of one of the parents. And the moons of parents and children find themselves in the same sign. Or that the Sun and Moon, parents and children exchange their positions at the level zodiacal, among other combinations among the main factors of the chart: Ascendant, Sun and Moon. In my case, for example, I have two sons, the Moon of both is in Pisces, my Ascendant sign.

The Composite Letter is an individual letter calculated from two or more letters of people, although it is also possible to take letters from clubs, companies or countries. The calculated card, created from other real cards, symbolizes a fusion of the energy contained in the latter, being able to interpret and obtain information, which will be useful for judging a personal or professional relationship, for example. Contrary to what happens with synastry is not a harmony or collision between different principles or parts of two or more cards, through the planets or factors in appearance or placed in one sector or another. The composite letter shows the “product” of what it can occur between two people, at any level, as opposed to synastry, which is a mere comparison or confrontation of energies, harmonics or inharmonics. However, it is true that the synastry surpasses it in an immediate level, external instant analysis, for example. In any case, the synastry and the composite letter are complementary techniques. The composite letter, then, is a third letter that reflects what produces the sum of the two or more considered; let’s not forget that it can include more than two people. In addition, it is operative in different areas: family, couple or work. However, it should be noted that should relativize somewhat the study of this letter, as is the sum of two individualities and not a single issue. This technique already has several decades of existence, with John Townley astrologer and author who introduced, although other authors like Robert Hand, are best known for their contributions in the form of books, for example.

The calculation of the traditional composite card is very simple: it is about finding the midpoints between the same planets of two cards. For example, if the Sun of A is 15 degrees Libra and B it is at 15 ° of Sagittarius, in the composite chart the Sun will be exactly 15 degrees of Scorpio. The smallest arc is always taken, but in the case of an exact opposition between the radical factors A and B, two points can be considered in the zodiac: right and left. In this case, to intervene mercury, we should be on the part where the sun is, for obvious reasons, impossible to avoid issues such as Sun opposition Mercury. However, aspects that do not occur in a natal chart, as opposed to Mercury Venus, we can find them in a composite chart. The angles of the card are calculated in the same way. For intermediate cusps, you can start from the common Ascending and, from here, to generate houses a particular location, for example.

To interpret the composite letter, it is important to always compare it with each of the two individualities, separately, to assess the effect it produces in these letters. And from here, useful indications in the study of an individual letter are valid: hemispheric emphasis, preponderances or deficiencies by Elements, planets in Cardinal, Fixed or Common signs, in which sign are the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant, as well as like personal planets, for example. The houses and the signs have a reading similar to the natal theme; thus, economic issues will be reflected in axis II-VIII. The Ascendant of the card is the most external and superficial character of the couple, as well as their general appearance, in a block or in a group; the air that comes from that couple, those friends or partners. Thus, an Ascendant in Aquarius will show a liberal, modern, democratic relationship, demonstrating an open, positive and fraternal spirit. The Sun will be the internal character, the true personality of the couple. Thus in Aries will be shown, aggressive domestic and social level, assets with a point of ambition and pioneering. The Moon will reflect the emotional aspect, while Mercury will reflect on the mental level and Venus on the emotional level. Mars will represent the degree or form of energy, the activity that will be deployed together. Jupiter will be the principle of expansion and Saturn will be the limitation, at a general level. The slower planets are, clearly, less important.

Rulers and disposers can also be studied, but without forgetting that we are not studying a birth chart. As for a more specific reading of a certain configuration, such as Mercury in the house I (in Taurus) in quadrature to Saturn (in Leo) in the house IV, we can interpret it like this: a communicative couple (Mercury in I), although not in excess, rational, cautious (Mercury in Taurus), which does not have much communication in the home (Mercury in I in quadrature to Saturn in IV). On the other hand, wherever Jupiter is (by house, sign and aspects) it will be the easiest place to “grow”, expand and develop, at the level of a couple, friends or partners. Clearly, as I noted before, the house II reflect the economy of both in this letter.

To influence the analysis of every composite letter, we will see some more combinations. For example, the Sun in the XII house could indicate a rather hidden or secret relationship, or at least, discrete, overturned and focused on everything that has to do with the XIIth house. The Sun in the V house of a composite letter may indicate a relationship based or interested in love, in pleasures or amusements. Favorable for any couple relationship, it helps to have fun, so to speak. You can also show a strong bond with the children or that they are very important in their relationship. This is the case of Prince Charles and Diana: possibly indicate the importance of children as heirs to the British throne, to a greater or lesser degree. If the Sun and the Moon are in harmonic aspect, it is very favorable at the couple level, because it brings harmony and balance between personality and emotions. In a letter composed at the level of a couple, if Venus and Mars are in good aspect it could suggest a more than acceptable compatibility and sexual harmony. But if Venus and Saturn are in square, it is obviously unfavorable in a couple relationship, because at an affective level it limits, it stops all spontaneity and the affection between the couple is more rigid, of less intensity or quality, if I am allowed the expression. In short, studying the composite letter is not difficult, because they share and take advantage of many indications that we usually use in individual letters.

There are different compound letters, but the one we have described above is the most conventional form. A well known variant is the letter Davison ratio, which is calculated by the midpoint for the birth of two people, both at dates as native coordinates. That is to say, it is a temporary midpoint, at the level of time as well as native coordinates. I think it has a certain validity and can be applied, but I do not usually use it. I prefer the conventional composite letter, which is simply based on the midpoints of all the natal factors. I think it describes the reality better than the others. There are other variants of traditional composite chart from a technical point of view, as the one that takes the angles of the letter that arise from that one and generates the cusps of intermediate houses from these common angles. Generally, for this natal coordinates of both they are taken, if any share or where they reside. This variant prevents cusps of houses (composite) unreal arise, such as when the midpoints of the cusps of halfway houses are directly used to find the domification of the composite chart. Remember that it is also possible to obtain compound letters for three or more people; It is what we call a group composed letter. There is also the so-called coalescent letter, which although based on the same principles of the composite letter, is differentiated by calculating and contemplating the letter from the point of view of the Harmonics. Fortunately, for both this variant as for all others we can tell, today, with software astrology that automatically calculate such letters, avoiding having to resort to manual calculations, apart from being cumbersome, can cause errors.

Some astrologers have proposed, within which are composite charts, so unusual progressions or composite applications such as directions, solar and lunar revolutions also composed or composite letters between people and countries, for example. More studies are needed to be able to validate these proposals, although in my opinion they will always contain secondary or unimportant information, if they are really valid. Other applications, such as transits to the composite chart, it does have greater support within the astrological community, being a kind of logical application and possibly effective.

Then, entering in a purely practical application in this section will study different cards composed, in its conventional form, to demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique. The first and main case study is that of a real couple: Prince Charles and Diana of Wales. The native data of both are well known, so it is not necessary to write them down. This is your composite letter:

Figure 11

Composite Letter from the Princes of Wales.

We can approach the study of this letter in many ways, but some configurations immediately demand our attention: Jupiter, at the top, in conjunction to the MC, shows the “real” nature of the relationship. Royalty, protocol, pomp and own ceremonies of the liturgy of the British Royal Family (Jupiter) are the main professional role of the couple (MC). In addition, the Sun is trine to Jupiter and Midheaven. As stated elsewhere in this V paragraph, the Sun in the house shows the importance of children in this partnership-related personnel. Emotional life (Luna), locked in the house XII, is not a promising setting for the couple. Venus (affects) is in Leo, but planetary aspects to other planets, which severely limits this critical section of the couple. His confused and strange relationship, tells the ruler of the Ascendant (Mars) in exact conjunction to Neptune in House VII. VIII Saturn in Scorpio, is not a favorable location for intimate happiness. The reader certainly can find out more details of the relationship studying this curious letter certainly composed of a celebrity couple. As to whether this letter is a dynamic operational level, we can study planetary transits for some important events: so when they publicly committed the 24/02/1981, Jupiter was conjunct natal DS (orb -3 °). And when they married, the 29/07/1981, we find the same traffic, but with one orb greater: -6º. By the time they separated, the 12/09/1992 Neptune was right on the MC (-1st), reflecting perhaps the confusion and scandal that reached the British royal family. Although these transits are clearly indicative to recommend further studies are needed to contemplate also composed a letter from the dynamic prism, beyond the purely static.

Most commented examples: another letter composed very contested and famous is that of the Duke of Windsor, a peculiar royal couple of halves of the twentieth century. Disadvantage for consideration by the respective confused with native issues is that both Eduardo (who once was king and abdicated) as Wallis Simpson share the same Ascendant: Aquarius. This means that there are too many similarities with the letter domal composed itself. However, the Ascendant Aquarium composite chart is noted: a modern, original, different and eccentric, even a couple. Mars in House II evidence the expense and waste of resources, from unnecessary trips to exotic or extended stays abroad luxuries. The Sun (and Mercury) are in the house V, and although they had no children, the power of this combination is channeled in other directions : pleasures, amusements and a life comfortable (Sun in Cancer), although familiar and rather domestic, was not without all kinds of refinements and luxuries. Moon in Sagittarius, in House XI home, seems to indicate its many relationships and friendships, as well as his intense social life. Uranus is at home IX, which can relate to his many travels abroad.

Another interesting example is the composite chart between John Lennon and his murderer, Mark David Chapman. In this letter I Saturn is in opposition to Mars, being it practically on Descending, amplifying the negative aspect of this configuration. From this, the degree of animosity and fatal violence between the two is clear, with the result we all know. In the composite chart between Prince Charles and his current wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, we found Neptune on the IC, as opposed to the MC, which brings to the relationship, facing outward and its public image, an air mystery and confusion. I do not want to stop showing one personal example, as has become customary in this work: the composite chart between my friend Boris Cristoff astrologer and I have Capricorn as Ascendant. In addition, Saturn is in the same house I, in the same sign. This makes the relationship not only in serious and honest, but that makes it durable and sturdy. The Sun (and Uranus) of the letter are in the house VI, which may reflect the work that we both share in book form, as co authors. The Sun is trine to the Moon in the house X (in Scorpio, very esoteric, of course), showing the public dimension of working together both in the form of books published, promotions in conferences, interviews and other public appearances . Jupiter, Mars and Neptune are in the house IX, another important sector. It is also relevant Mercury in Sagittarius, in House XI in aspect to planets in the house IX and VII.

There are other techniques to study a relationship astrologically. One of them is the one that introduced the German astrologer Alexander Marr in his book Prediction III, called The New Partner Horoscope. How to interpret this letter is similar to what we saw with the composite chart, although its calculation is completely different. Lovers of this kind of techniques, under the heading of relations in astrology, are required to study it .

And before moving on to another section, it is important to note two things: first, that the astrologer should be very cautious before deciding on the feasibility of a relationship, be it personal or professional; I have seen so many seemingly poor synastry between birth charts of happily married couples that it forces me to reflect on the degree of affinity and astrological compensation must seek in every possible respect. Sometimes, there are effective complementation, as those relating to the Hemispheres or elements that are not as bright or spectacular as some of the classic cross we have seen aspects, but they work and sustain a relationship. The second question is in relation to the series of composite charts we have seen in the previous section: my opinion is that you should not give them one excessive weight around comparative study or in any exploration of the relationship between two or more people. This type of cards rather be used as an additional complement to the more orthodox study, which includes the same Synastry, since it contains a high speculative component.

Wedding Charts are raised for the exact time when one marriage begins to have legal validity. In the case of one religious wedding when the priest declared them man and wife. And in the case of a civil wedding, when officiating the ceremony verbally states that the parties are already legally couple. This letter is not only valid, astrologically, to be interpreted, deducing from their particular configurations the kind of relationship that will exist, but also predictive operational level; planetary transits usually reflect changes that occur within the couple. Obviously, it is recommended that the astrologer select the most favorable for the wedding celebration time. The author has participated in several of these selections. However, even selecting the best possible time astrologically it cannot fix what poor synastry promises; nothing in common, a short relationship in time or unsatisfactory.

Overall, among other issues a favorable moon phase or one suitable anchorage of the letter of the wedding with the letters of the respective contracting parties will be highly favorable. Will also have to compensate some shortcomings, some factors enhance and facilitate the energy flow chart harmonically into the desired sections, avoiding blockages or other problems. Note that if the house II of the letter of marriage contains a bad aspected malefic planet, the couple may suffer financial problems. Luminaires (Sun and Moon) in good aspect with Jupiter or Venus and the latter two planets in good aspect between them is something to consider. Strengthen the signs of Libra (partner) or cancer (family), too. O prevent Venus, for example, is in one sign which is not comfortable, as Aries or Capricorn. And of course, take into account especially the rulers of the houses I and VII, as well as avoid difficult aspects for the wedding day in heaven, as a conjunction or dissonant aspect between Mars and Saturn. According to some astrologers, one angular Uranus tends to divorce or breakup of the couple. And so with other signs, planets or aspects, trying not to neglect any important astrological question. To some extent, it is one similar to looking for the right time to start a company, saving the differences work.

Is more than likely that the Ascendant of the chart shows the character set of the pair; ie as shown and appear to others, collectively , not separately. Or the image projected priori. The Sun and the Moon in the signs and houses could show personality, the essence of the person within the same partner. For the husband is the Sun that represents it , and if the wife is the moon, obviously. For example, one Sun in Taurus will show a husband (Sol) peaceful, stable and peaceful (Taurus). And the same with regard to houses: one Sun in House IX may reflect a related or interested husband in intellectual, cultural or abroad, both professional and personal issues. Planetary aspects that receives the planet can also add one nuance as indicated by sign and house.

Figure 12

Wedding between Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.

You may chart wedding to be especially effective in the case of couples who begin their life together held just after marriage. And it is likely that in the event that a couple start their life together before the wedding held this letter lose some of its effectiveness, but not all, of course.

The letter inserted in the previous page is the one real example, known to all: the wedding between Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly. It is not the letter of the religious wedding filled front pages of newspapers and magazines, but corresponding to the civil ceremony, held a day earlier, and that astrologically, has more validity. If the time is correct, the Sun in Aries in the house X reflects well the role of Prince Rainier in marriage: leadership, social responsibility and shine. Moon in Leo, at home I also seems to fit the role he held Grace Kelly in Monaco: popularity, charisma, warmth and brightness staff. The conjunction between the Moon and Uranus in the house I, is also a relevant settings in the letter of the wedding.

Also here I will show one strictly personal case: the letter from my own wedding. Within the time limits to which he was subjected, myself astrologically select when my wedding, both the day and the hour. The chart data are wedding: December 2, 1998, at 12:43 noon (solar time), with geographical coordinates of 41º 25 ‘N and 1 55’ E; Ascendant at 19º Pisces. Jupiter is exactly on the Ascendant, while Venus is very close to the Midheaven, a 6th away. In this letter, the Sun is in Sagittarius, in House IX, which fits well with reality. In contrast, the Moon is in Taurus in the house II; In both cases, the role of husband and wife fits perfectly with the everyday the marriage, even though my partner and I and we lived together for quite some time before the wedding. Selection astrological think, objectively, was completely successful; at least during the first fifteen years …


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