The Astrological Elections By J. B. Morin de Villefranche


This is a chapter I have taken and translated from the book “Notas de un Astrologo” by Juan Estadella, available for free from his website:

“I thought it is appropriate to include in this work, a very interesting part of Astrologia Gallica—referring to the astrological elections.
It is a classic of Morin. The famous 30 rules I have synthesized and adapted, but always with fidelity to the original text.” ~J.E.

1. An election is only legitimate if one takes into consideration the birth chart, revolutions, directions and transits of the moment, coordinating and accommodating all this to the theme of choice.

2. You have to consider the house of the letter related to the objective of the election. For example, house X for honors, the VII for marriage or the IX for travel. If the choice seeks to obtain dignities or honors, determine the dates in which the directions of the main radical factors are congruent with this, especially in relation to the natal house X. Then, once the best date is found, we must select the most appropriate time, choosing the theme of choice to harmonize with the desired objective, but without neglecting to take into account also the natal chart.

3. In the matter of the election, it is essential, first of all, consider the Ascendant, significator of the person, the Midheaven, significator of his acts and undertakings, the house related to the purpose of the election, and finally to the Moon, who has great importance in these matters. All these points should be well arranged in the election card, as well as with respect to radical factors.

4. Select a time when the house related to the object of the election is fortunate. It will be especially favorable if it were already fortunate in the natal chart and in the current solar and lunar revolutions. That will favor the election by the presence or rulership of the beneficial planets, especially if they were already so in the radix and in the revolutions, and particularly with respect to the object of choice. In the case of honors or dignities, the election will be more effective if the sign that culminates in the subject of the election culminated in the radical and revolutionary themes, or the sign that contained his ruler. Also avoid that some evil planet or contrary to the objective pursued, by its own nature or by radical determination, be at home directly related to the subject of the election. Treat yourself to that there is a benefic planet in it or its ruler being in good relationship with the Ascendant, with the MC or its rulers.

5. In personal matters or where oneself has to carry out, it is preferable to choose as Ascending of the election to the radical Ascendant. If they are not strictly matters personal and you need the help of friends, it is recommended to choose as Ascendant of the election to the house XI or the V natal. Or at least, that there is a harmonious or favorable link with the ruler of house XI.

6. The Ascendant of the theme of the election must harmonize or be in relation to the nature of the objective of the same election. In this way, if it is a trip you have to choose a mutable sign and not a fixed one as an Ascendant. On the contrary, if the event must have continuity in time or
endure, such as marriage or the construction of a house, is Better to opt for a fixed sign. Equally, it is necessary to avoid that the ruler of the Ascendant of the election is slow, retrograde or in disharmonious aspect with the malefics.

7. During the day, the Ascendant and the Sun must be placed in diurnal signs and at night the Ascendant and the Moon in night signs. And the ruler of the Ascendant must be well related to the Sun or the Moon, accordingly. The choice will be better if the day planets are on the horizon, in masculine signs and oriental to the Sun by day, and if the nocturnal planets are on the horizon, in feminine and western signs to the Moon at night.

8. It is favorable that the ruler of the Ascendant of the election is also the ruler of the Ascendant of the natal theme or of the current revolutions and that, in addition, it is beneficial by nature, or well disposed in the radical theme or of the revolution.

9. If the objective of the election is a request to the king, the queen, a prince or some important person, the Ascendant of the election and its regent must be adjusted to the ruler of the radical MC and of the revolution, and also to the planets meaning that correspond by analogy: the Sun for the king, the Moon for the queen, Jupiter for a president or bishop or Mars for a military leader. And if the significating planet were at the same time ruler of the Mediocielo of the election, the efficiency will be greater. However, we must be careful that this planet is not ill disposed either in the radix or in the revolution in progress. Proceed in a similar manner when the persons concerned belong to houses III, IV, V, VII and XI.

10. The Moon is a very important factor in an election. However, not only must we take it into account in the theme of the election, but also in the radical theme, because we can not take it as a signifier of life if in the radical theme it is a signifier of death. This is extendable to the rest of planets.

11. The native should not start anything new when the Moon is in the radical positions of Saturn and Mars or in its bad aspects, in a disadvantaged location in the natal theme or in houses VI, VIII and XII, both of the radix as in the subject of the election. It is also necessary to avoid that in the subject of the election it is in conjunction or in disharmonious aspect with Mars or with Saturn.

12. It is necessary to avoid that in the subject of the election some aspect of the Moon towards Mars that comes from the domiciles of Venus takes place. And towards Jupiter from the homes of Mercury. Or towards the Sun from Saturn’s homes.

13. It is favorable that the Moon joins Jupiter or Saturn when it is increased in light, but if it is diminished it will be unfavorable. And just the opposite with respect to Venus or Mars.

14. Observe well the position of the Moon in the theme of the election: if it is in trine or sextile with some radical planet, it will be favorable to relate or deal with people represented by their own symbolism or by their radical determination. But if it were in opposition or squaring, it will be just the opposite. Thus, if the Moon were in trine to radical Mars in VII or that it was regent of VII in the radix, and well disposed, it will mean successes in relation to contentions, lawsuits or the favor of persons related to it, especially if they are military matters or Similar. However, if the Moon were in square or opposition, it will predispose to the opposite.

15. It is favorable that the Moon be well placed in the house relative to the object of the election. For example, if the election is for a trip, in the house IX, but on condition that it is well disposed in its radical position. And if this radical position were also determined to the object of the election, if the Moon were related to the issue in question and if it was also in good aspect to a lucky Ascendant, it would still be better.

16. It is necessary to avoid that the Moon is in conjunction or aspect to a retrograde planet, because this would impede the object of the election.

17. If it is not possible for the Moon and the Ascendant to be well disposed at the same time, during the day it is better to fortify the Ascendant and at night to the Moon. In addition, it will be better if the Moon is under the horizon of day and above the horizon at night.

18. It is necessary to take into consideration the conjunction or opposition of the Sun and the Moon prior to the subject of the election, so that said point or position is fortunate and in a suitable house in the letter of the election.

19. When the Moon is separated from a conjunction or from an opposition to the Sun and aspect, especially by square or opposition, to an evil planet, it is necessary to avoid initiating or undertaking something. Especially if said evil planet is ill-disposed or determined in the radical card.

20. The result of the election may depend on the good or bad state of the ecliptic point of the conjunction or opposition of the luminaries prior to the election, as well as the benefic or evil planet to which the Moon immediately applies. If this point is well arranged and if the planet is beneficial, everything will develop satisfactorily. If it is ill-disposed and if the planet is malefic, the result will be contrary to the objectives set. But if that point was well prepared and if the planet was evil, the matter in question will start well but will end badly. And if that point were ill-disposed but the planet was beneficial, the matter will start badly but eventually it will end well.

21. If an election has to be made and there is no time to adapt all its elements in an adequate or harmonic way, it is preferable that, at least, the ruler of the Ascendant be well disposed and that there be a beneficial planet at an angle, in good aspect with the ruler of the Ascendant.

22. In all urgent elections, if it is impossible for the Moon to be well disposed, it is convenient to place Jupiter or Venus in the Ascendant or in the Midheaven, as well as the Moon in a falling house. It is necessary to avoid that the Moon, of being unfortunate, aspect the Ascendant, especially if it is an inharmonious aspect. Or that aspect of the planet that by its own symbolism or determination in the letter of the election is directly related to the object of the same election. This is made available to the dispositor and the ruler of the house related to the main matter.

23. If for an election there is no time to arrange everything properly, at least it is necessary to harmoniously and beneficially adjust the Ascendant and the Midheaven. It is also convenient to place the beneficial planets in the angles, preferably harmonically aspecting the Ascendant, the Midheaven or its rulers. It is very difficult that in an election everything is ideally arranged, but we must try that everything we select is ready for the purpose we seek, as well as it must be consistent with the radical theme of the person. Therefore, we should always try to do as much as possible, but acting with caution. Do not forget the possibilities of cooperation of man with the stars: the more diligent, determined and sagacious we are, the more right we will have to hope for a success or improvement. And backwards.

24. In every election it is necessary to avoid that the evil planets are in the angles, especially in the Ascendant and in the Midheaven. The only exception is if they were very well disposed in the radical theme, by celestial state and by determination. Do not forget that in certain issues the malefic planets can be useful, like Mars in confrontations, wars or hunting. Saturn in the construction of houses or in agriculture, for example. And especially if in the radical issue they were already determined towards these issues.

25. The action of the fixed stars, especially the most important ones, should not be neglected in the elections, since at the angles or in conjunction with the main significators, their effect may be important. Especially if a determination to that effect already exists in the radix.

26. It is not convenient to perform a surgical operation on a part of the body related to the sign in which the Moon is at the time of the intervention.

27. For purges, it is best to take advantage when the Moon is in a Water sign, preferably in Scorpio or in Pisces, just as it is desirable that the ruler of the Ascendant be connected to a planet below the horizon.

28. For a trip, it is necessary to avoid that the house VIII and its regent are distressed. A Fixed Sign must not ascend or be an evil planet the ruler of the Ascendant. Neither should this ruling planet be retrograde nor the Moon be ill disposed.

29. It is not necessary to initiate a combat or confrontation when the ruler of the Ascendant, being weak or unfortunate, goes towards the regent of the VII, especially if this one is strong and lucky, or if it were in house VIII. Nor when the Moon is ill disposed.

30. When something is requested from the king, the queen or any other important position, the Sun or the Moon must be placed in conjunction with Jupiter or Venus, well disposed in the X house, and in a harmonious aspect the ruler of the Ascendant and the initiative he will be successful.


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