Rectification: The Prenatal Epoch of Heinrich Himmler


Heinrich Himmler.

October 7, 1900. 14:21:52 (UT). Rectified by Fadi Mazboudi.
48°N08′ — 11°E34′

January 03, 1900. 11:43:23 (UT). Rectified by Fadi Mazboudi.
48°N08′ — 11°E34′

Rule 1:
Ascendant rad: 9°Aquarius08′
Moon ep : 8°Aquarius47′

Rule 2:
The lunar phases of the prenatal and natal horoscopes do not coincide in this case.

Rule 3:
MDO Moon rad 68° 03′
MDO Jupiter ep 68° 13′

Heinrich Himmler grew the SS from approximately one hundred to over a million men under arms in 1944, creating the most formidable fighting force in World War 2—the Waffen-SS—from nothing.

Both radix and epoch exhibit phenomenal characteristics for a talented military personnel.

Mars plays a very important role in both radix and epoch. In his raidx, it forms a near exact mundane opposition to his ascendant (orb:6’). In his epoch, Mars in Capricorn is high in the sky close to the MC, which is in a good cosmic state.

He has a very tight T-square with the Moon in Aries in the first as the Apex. The planets that form up the T-square are very problematic, akin to mental aberrations and drug/alcohol addictions (similar to that of Marilyn Monroe, she had Saturn as the apex though). Definitely with Himmler, we see a much more positive, disciplined and advantageous sublimation of the planetary energies, using the T-square to drive himself to the top.

The fixed star Antares comes into conjunction with his angular Uranus, a star that gives strength, courage, strategic ability, military talent and aptitude.

The radix exhibits a very fortunate conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in the tenth house; Jupiter is in an excellent cosmic state close to the MC and both planets receive trines from Mars, which obviously favored his career and social standing. The radical node comes into conjunction with his MC. The tenth house of the epoch contains a very tight conjunction of the Moon and Venus, this conjunction receives very tight sextiles from Uranus—the finest configurations for fame and popularity.

The Sun/Mars conjunction in his epoch trines his Ascendant, giving him a fluid flow of strength and energy. The Sun again trines his radical Ascendant. His Jupiter/Uranus conjunction sextiles his radical ascendant as well; we can note the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his Jupiter in trine to his Ascendant, which gave his muscles the ability to develop beyond the average.

Epoch Uranus is in very close conjunction to the eight house of death, which is very indicative of his sudden and unexpected violent end.

Could Hilter have chosen someone else better suited for the job than Himmler? Many of the radices of the high ranking Nazis exhibit astonishing placements for their crafts. Erwin Rommel is a perfect example.

Events and Directions in the life of Heinrich Himmler:

December 23, 1905 — His brother Ernst Hermann is born.

Venus (d) 60° NN. Orb:2′. E-R
Mars (c) 120° Jupiter. Orb:3′. R-E
Jupiter (d) 0° Ur. Orb:3′. E-R

July 3, 1928 — Marriage.

Sun (d) 0° Moon. Orb:2′. E-E
Ur (p) 120° V. Orb:1′. R-E
Moon (c) 0° Asc. Orb:4′. R-R

January 6, 1929 — Hitler appoints him as the new Reichsführer-SS.

Jupiter (c) 180° III. Exact. R-R
Mercury (d) 0° MC. Exact. E-E
III (c) 180° Jupiter. E-E
Sun (d) 0° Venus. Orb:9′. E-E
III (r) 60° Venus. Orb:3′. R-E

August 8, 1929 — His daughter Gudrun is born.

V (c) 90° Venus. Orb:5′. R-R
Mars (c) 0° NN. Exact. E-E

June 17, 1936 — Appointed Reichsführer-SS and Chief of the German Police.

Mercury (d) 0° Ur. Orb:3′. R-E
Sun (c) 0° Ur. Orb:7′. E-R

October 29, 1936 — His father Joseph Gebhard Himmler dies.

Sun (c) 0° VIII. Orb:1′. E-E
IC (c) 0° PL. Orb:10′. E-E
XII (d) 45° Neptune. Exact. E-E
Neptune (c) 120° MC. Exact. E-E

September 10, 1941 — His mother Anna Maria Himmler dies.

Neptune (d) 90° Asc. Orb:2′. R-E
Neptune (d) 180° Venus. Orb:3′. R-E
IC (d) 0° Venus. Orb:3′. E-R
Ur (d) 180° IC. Orb:5′. E-E

February 15, 1942 — His son Helge is born.

Ur (p) 0° Jupiter. Exact. E-R
Mars (p) 60° Sun. Orb:5′. E-R
Asc. (d) 120° Mercury. Orb:6. E-R
MC (c) 0° Ur. Orb:6′. E-E

July 20, 1944 — His daughter Nanette Dorothea is born.

Sun (c) 0° Jupiter. Orb:5′. E-E
Sun (d) 0° Ur. Orb:5′. R-R
Sun (d) 120° V. Orb:6. E-R
MC (c) 0° Jupiter. Orb:9′. E-R

May 2, 1945 — His brother Ernst Hermann dies.

Mercury (c) 60° Neptune. Orb:2′. R-R
Mars (c) 0° NN. Orb:3′. E-R
Ur (c) 150° III. Orb:3′. E-R

May 23, 1945 — Death.

XII (c) 0° NN. Orb:8′. R-R
Moon (p) 0° VIII. Orb:6′. E-R
Asc. (c) 45° Saturn. Exact. E-E
Mars (c) 0° NN. Exact. E-R

August 25, 1967 — His wife Margarete Himmler dies.

XII (d) 135° Venus. Exact. R-R
IC (d) 0° Mars. Orb:2′. R-R
Ur (d) 90° Asc. Orb:3′. E-E
XII (c) 180° Neptune. Orb:4′. E-E
XII (d) 180° Sun. Orb:6′. R-R
Venus (d) 90° XII. Orb:11′. R-E
Venus (C) 90° XII. Orb:10′. R-E
VIII (p) 120° Ur. Exact. R-E
VIII (p) 180° Venus. Orb:4′. E-E


R: radix.
E: epoch.
d: direct.
c: converse.
p: progressed.
r: regressed.
*The first factor is the directed factor and the second factor is the radical factor.


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