Rectification: King Louis XII


King Louis XII.
June 27, 1462. 5:14:08 (UT). Rectified by Fadi Mazboudi.
47°N35′ — 01°E20′

September 28, 1461. 6:44:12 (UT). Rectified by Fadi Mazboudi.
47°N35′ — 01°E20′

His first forced marriage is seen by radical Saturn in the seventh, and a conjunction of Venus/Neptune paran Saturn in his epoch. Venus and Neptune are in a mundane conjunction (Orb:2°).

Funnily enough, he might have been telling the truth when he claimed that his sexual performance was “inhibited by witchcraft” when he was trying to get his marriage annulled by Pope Alexander VI. (radical Saturn 0° VIII)

His inability to produce heirs to his throne is seen by Saturn tightly squaring the cusp of the radical fifth (Orb:15′), and a wide opposition from epoch Pluto to the fifth house (Orb:5°). His union with Queen Anne produced four stillborns; the square form Saturn to his fifth acted as a constant break to his efforts. Saturn conjunct the IC might have also tied in.

Obviously the moon in the ninth in a good cosmic state positively influenced his relations with foreign lands and people.

Venus in a good cosmic state conjunct the Ascendant of the epoch protected him through his life; Neptune bestowed sound intuition. The opposition to the Descendant of the epoch from Neptune adds to the misfortune in the case of marriage as we mentioned earlier. Also, epoch Venus tightly configured with Neptune and Saturn shows peculiar circumstances and possible misfortune in love. (he had a child out of wedlock)

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Events and Directions in the Life of King Louis XII:

January 05, 1465 — Death of father.

Saturn (d) 0° VIII. Orb:8′.

September 08, 1476 — Marriage to Joan of France.

Jupiter (d) 180° Moon. Orb:1′.

August 23, 1487 — Death of mother.

Mars (d) 90° Neptune. Exact.
Ur (d) 0° IC. Orb:3′.
Mars (r) 120° VIII. Orb:1′.

April 07, 1498 — King of France.

Jupiter (d) 180° Asc. Orb:2′.
Parsf (c) 0° NN. Orb:2′.
Parsf (c) 0° Venus. Orb:4′.
III (p) 90° Moon. Orb:2′.

May 27, 1498 — Coronation.

NN (c) 120° Ur. Exact.

January 07, 1499 — Marriage to Anne, Duchess of Brittany.

PL (d) 90° Venus. Exact.
Mercury (d) 0° Asc. Orb:6′.
Asc (d) 0° PL. Orb:6′.
Venus (d) 0° Asc. Orb:9′.

September 06, 1499 — Duke of Milan.

Asc. (c) 180° Jupiter. Orb:1′.
Moon (c) 180° III. Orb:3′.
Asc. (p) 60° Mercury. Orb:7′.

October 13, 1499 — Birth of daughter Claude.

Asc. (c) 180° Jupiter. Orb:7′.
V (r) 90° Mercury. Exact.
Asc (r) 0° Mercury. Orb:11′.

August 02, 1501 — King of Naples.

Mars (p) 0° Asc. Orb:8′.
Parsf (d) 60° Venus. Exact.
Venus (c) 0° XI. Orb:6′.

October 25, 1510 — Birth of daughter Renee.

Sun (d) 60° NN. Orb:2′.
Sun (d) 60° Venus. Orb:5′.
Ur (c) 0° Asc. Orb:7′.

February 08, 1511 — Death of son Michel.

PL (d) 90° Mars. Orb:6′.
V (d) 180° Mars. Orb:8′.

January 09, 1514 — Death of wife Anne.

Sun (d) 0° PL. Orb:1′.
Saturn (d) 90° XII. Orb:3′.
Mars (d) 180° Saturn. Orb:11′.

October 09,1514 — Marriage to Mary Tudor.

Moon (c) 120° Ur. Orb:1′.
Jupiter (c) 120° Mercury. Orb:1′.
Asc. (c) 90° Ur. Orb:2′.

January 01, 1515 — Death.

PL (d) 180° MC. Orb:8′.

July 20, 1524 — Death of daughter Claude.

Mars (d) 60° Venus. Orb:3′.
Neptune (c) 180° Saturn. Orb:4′.
V (r) 0° PL. Orb:5′.

June 12, 1574 — Death of daughter Renee.

Moon (p) 90° V. Orb:10′.
NN (d) 90° Mercury. Orb:3′.
Ur (d) 120° PL. Orb:3′.


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