Rectification: The Prenatal Epoch of Ralph Waldo Emerson


Ralph Waldo Emerson.

May 25, 1803. 17:57:04 (UT). Rectified by Fadi Mazboudi.
42°N21′ — 71°W03′

August 29, 1802. 20.34.20 (UT). Rectified by Isaac Starkman.
42°N21′ — 71°W03′

Rule 1:
Ascendant rad: 22°Virgo38′
Moon ep : 22°Virgo38′

Rule 2:
The Moon is waxing in both charts.

Rule 3:
MDO Venus rad 50°02′
MDO Mars ep 50°05′

Both radix and epoch complement each other to produce this literary genius.

Ralph’s main radical aspect is a first order, highly individualizing paran of Jupiter and Mercury—galvanizing the chart with intellectual ability.

Radical Neptune is in Scorpio in the house of writings, close to the cusp—the creative and penetrative binomial par excellence.

Neptune sextiles the Ascendant in his radix endowing him with a fertile imagination.

Ingenious Uranus is in his first house in eloquent Libra.

Epoch Uranus is in very close opposition to the third house.

Note the Ascendant of his epoch receiving 3 trines from the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn; these trines confer longevity.

Soft aspects from the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto to the MC of the epoch.

Note how the configurations combine and lift everything up, they are very indicative of literary genius like no other. The T-square with Mars in Gemini at the apex, Uranus opposing the cusp of the third, Neptune in Scorpio close to the cusp of the third, the highly individualizing paran of Jupiter-Mercury, the trines and sextiles to the angles etc…

For a full list of events see: Rectification: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Events and Directions in the Life of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

May 12, 1811 — His father dies.

Sun (c) 90° XII. Orb:1′. R-R
VIII (d) 180° PL. Orb:6′. E-E
XII (d) 0° Mercury. Orb:6′. R-E
Moon (c) 0° Saturn. Orb:9′. E-E

September 30, 1829 — Ralph marries Ellen.

MC (d) 180° Sun. Orb:4′. E-R
MC (d) 120° Moon. Orb:6′. E-R
Sun (d) 60° Venus. Orb:5′. R-R
PSSR Jupiter 120° Desc. Exact. R-R

February 08, 1831 — Ellen dies of tuberculosis.

XII (r) 0° Moon. Orb:8′. R-R
PSSR Neptune 60° Desc. Orb:6′. R-R
PL (d) 0° Venus. Orb:5′. E-R
Saturn (c) 90° IC. Orb:3′. E-E

September 14, 1835 — Ralph marries Lidian.

Venus (d) 0° Parsf. Orb:1′. E-R
V (p) 60° Venus. Exact. E-R

November 16, 1853 — His mother dies.

Ur (c) 0° XII. Orb:5′. R-R
Neptune (d) 120° IC. Orb:4′. R-E
Venus (d) 90° Saturn. Orb:6′. R-E
Saturn (c) 0° Moon. Orb:7′. R-R

April 27, 1882 — Ralph Waldo Emerson dies.

Asc (c) 120° PL. Exact. E-E
Mars (p) 120° XII. Orb:9′. E-E
Asc (c) 120° Neptune. Orb:6′. R-R

November 13, 1892 — His wife Lidian dies.

XII (c) 0° Ur. Exact. E-E
Moon (c) 90° Mars. Orb:1′. R-R
Saturn (d) 90° VIII. Orb:3′. R-E
SN (c) 90° PL. Orb:2′. E-R
IC (c) 180° Moon. Orb:4′. E-R


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