Rectification: Donald Trump


Donald Trump.
June 14, 1946. 14:47:36 (UT). Rectified by Isaac Starkman.
40°N42′ — 73°W48′

Most planets are on the eastern horizon, indicating a person struggling to create his own way in life.

Mars is in Leo conjunct the Ascendant is very indicative of his haughty and arrogant nature.

The Sun in conjunction with the cusp of the eleventh house brought him friends in positions of authority and power, though not exempt from disloyalty and betrayal (Saturn in the eleventh in a bad cosmic state).

Venus in conjunction with the cusp of the twelfth could have indicated secret love affairs at some point in his life.

Note Jupiter conjunct the cusp of the third house; this is an indication of success in elections. The Sun and Uranus are in a mundane conjunction in his tenth house (Orb:45′).

It was very clear that Trump was going to defeat Hillary in the elections from their radices… Her third house containing 3 malefics (see Marr’s rectification) stood no chance against his Jupiter conjunct the cusp. Keeping in mind that we are predicting from a static figure.

Events and Directions in the Life of Donald Trump:

April 07, 1977 — Trump marries Ivana.

Venus (d) 120° Moon. Orb:3′.
MC (p) 0° Sun. Orb:5′.

December 31, 1977 — His son Donald Trump Jr. is born.

V (d) 180° Venus. Orb:5.2′.
Venus (c) 180° V. Orb:9′.
Sun (r) 0° MC. Orb:8′.

October 30, 1981 — His daughter Ivanka is born.

Mercury (r) 120° V. Exact.

January 06, 1984 — His son Eric is born.

Mars (d) 60° Venus. Exact.
Venus (d) 0° Mars. Orb:5′.
MC (d) 180° V. Orb:6′.

March 22, 1992 — Trump divorces Ivana.

MC (c) 180° Neptune. Orb:5′.
V (p) 180° PL. Orb:7′.

October 13, 1993 — His daughter Tiffany is born.

PL (c) 180° V. Orb:9′.
V (d) 180° V. Orb:10′.

December 20,1993 —Trump marries Marla.

V (d) 180° V. Orb:10′. Exact.

June 08, 1999 — Trump divorces Marla.

Asc. (d) 120° PL. Orb:2′.
Moon (c) 60° Mars. Orb:3′.
Neptune (d) 180° MC. Orb:5′.

June 25, 1999 — His father dies.

Asc. 60° PL. Exact.
PL (d) 180° VIII. Orb:3′.
Neptune 180° MC. Orb:7′.

August 07, 2000 — His mother dies.

PL (c) 180° Moon. Orb:3′.
Moon (d) 180° PL. Orb:10′.

January 22, 2005 — Trump marries Melania.

V (p) 60° Moon. Orb:7′.

November 08, 2016/January 20,2017 — Success in elections/Presidents of the United States.

Jupiter (d) 0° Moon. Orb:9′.
Moon (p) 60° MC. Orb:1′.
Sun (d) 0° Mars. Orb:1′.


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