Rectification: Buckminster Fuller


Buckminster Fuller.
July 12, 1895. 6:11:00 (UT). Rectified by Fadi Mazboudi.
42°N15′ — 71°W04′

Having generational planets on sensitive points in ones chart can bestow unique abilities.

Notice the angular conjunction of Neptune/Pluto in Gemini in his first house, what else could we attribute genius to? He also had Jupiter in a good cosmic state close to the cusp of the third.

The professional poker player Phil Ivey had a very powerful Uranus in Scorpio within and orb of a degree from being exact with his Ascendant. Definitely the most important configuration in his chart—endowing him with a penetrative gaze and an ability to literally read the minds of his opponents.

Mike Tyson had a tight, angular Uranus/Pluto conjunction in his first house. Juan Estadella writes: “His explosive strength, not exempt from a certain aggressiveness and violence, is explained by his Ascendant in Leo which contains an explosive generational conjunction between Uranus and Pluto, practically exact in degrees and minutes.”

The French mathematician, physicist, and inventor Blaise Pascal had Uranus in Leo conjunct his Ascendant. (Starkman’s rectification: 7:45:16 LMT)

Erwin Rommel had an angular T-sqaure of Mercury/Venus, Neptune/Pluto with Jupiter in Pisces at the apex.

Events and Directions in the Life of Buckminister Fuller:

November 12, 1898 — Birth of brother Wolcott.

III (d) 45° Venus. Orb:6′.

July 12, 1910 — Death of father.

PL (d) 0° Mercury. Orb:4′.
VIII (r) 180° PL. Orb:8′.

July 12, 1917 — Marriage.

IC (c) 0° Jupiter. Exact.
Sun (d) 0° IC. Orb:5′.

August 28, 1927 — Birth of daughter.

Mars (c) 0° Jupiter. Orb:9′.
Moon (c) 180° IC. Orb:9′.

November 30, 1959 — Death of brother Wolcott.

III (d) 0° SN. Orb:3′.
Mercury (c) 180° Saturn. Orb:4′.
III (c) 180° Ur. Orb:11′.
VIII (p) 180° Mars. Exact.

July 01/03 1983 — Death/Death of wife.

V (d) 180° Neptune. Orb:2′.
Moon (d) 180° VIII. Orb:7′.
PL (d) 0° Venus. Orb:10′.
Ur (d) 180° IC. Orb:10′.
Saturn (d) 0° Parsf. Orb:10′.
Mercury (p) 90° IC. Exact.
IC (r) 180° Ur. Orb:6′.


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