Rectification: Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali.
January 17, 1942. 18:34:26 (CST):. Rectified by Fadi Mazboudi.
38°N15′ — 85°W46′

Time on B.C.:6:35 P.M.
Rectified time:6:34:26 P.M.

“Ali’s style ran counter to conventional boxing wisdom in almost every way, yet its unorthodoxy was exactly what made it difficult to combat.”
— Robert Greene, The 33 Strategies of War.

The refusal to fight in the usual way, the rule breaking, the odd and independent behavior are all seen in his Aquarius stellium. No different from Diego Velázquez with his VI house in Aquarius, breaking the old rules and approaching his work and art in an ingenious and unique manner.

Now the sudden and unexpected beginnings/endings of all his relationships are characterized by his Venus in Aquarius tightly conjunct the Descendant. But there’s more to it since both Venus and the Descendant are heavily afflicted:

-Venus square Saturn. Orb:1° (ecliptic aspect)
-Venus square Saturn. Orb:2° (mundane aspect)
-Saturn square Desc. Orb:2°. (ecliptic aspect)
-To a lesser extent: the dispositor of Venus and the Descendant, Uranus, is in conjunction with Saturn.

Ali had multiple children from extramarital affairs and countless infidelities.

I’m not saying that people with such placements are inclined to promiscuous behavior (referring to the Aquarius emphasis not Venus/Saturn aspects), they just desire great freedom in their relationships. But this guy took his placements to a whole new level—if you know what I mean.

The Moon in tight ecliptic square to his MC (orb:20′) put him in contact with the public.

A strong sign is rising and the ruler of the Ascendant is in square to Mars (orb:6°). Helio Jupiter in tight sextile to his Ascendant aids in recuperation.

The square from Saturn to the Ascendant, though agitating, grants a great deal of discipline and adds a note of seriousness to the temperament.

Events and Directions in the Life of Muhammad Ali:

July 18, 1943 — Birth of brother Rahman.

Jupiter (d) 120° Mercury. Orb:4′.
IC (d) 90° Mercury. Orb:3′.
Desc. (d) 0° Venus. Orb:5′.
Desc. (p) 0° Venus. Orb:1′.

August 14, 1964 — Marriage to Sonji.

Jupiter (d) 60° Mars. Orb:6′.
NN (r) 90° V. Orb:2′.

January 10, 1966 — Divorce from Sonji.

Venus (c) 90° Mars. Orb:3′.
Mercury (p) 0° Desc. Orb:2′.

August 17 1967 — Marriage to Khalilah.

Ur (d) 120° Venus. Orb:4′.
MC (p) 120° Venus (p). Orb:9′.

June 18, 1968 — Birth of daughter Maryum.

Sun (d) 0° Desc. Orb:10′.

June 15, 1976 — Birth of daughter Hana.

V (c) 90° Moon. Orb:4′.
Ur (c) 60° Venus. Orb:5′.

January 15, 1977 — Divorce from Khalila

Sun (d) 90° Ur. Orb:3′.
Desc. (c) 120° Saturn. Orb:2′.

June 19, 1977 — Marriage to Veronica.

Moon (d) 90° Jupiter. Orb:1′.
Ur (c) 60° Desc. Orb:3′.

December 30, 1977 — Birth of daughter Laila.

Mercury (d) 90° Jupiter. Orb:5′.
V (r) 90° Venus (r). Orb:5′.
IC (p) 0° V. Orb:4′.

November 19, 1986 — Marriage to Lonnie.

V (d) 0° Sun. Orb:10′.

December 15, 1986 — Divorce from Veronica.

Saturn (c) 120° PL. Exact.

February 08, 1990 — Death of father.

MC (c) 60° Saturn. Orb:4′.
MC (r) 0° SN. Orb:9′.
VIII (r) 120° Ur. Exact.

August 20, 1994 — Death of mother.

Moon (r) 0° VIII. Orb:5′.
VIII (r) 0° Sun. Orb:4′.
Moon (c) 90° Neptune. Orb:5′.

June 03, 2016 — Death.

Mars (d) 120° VIII. Orb:2′.
Mars (d) 60° MC. Orb:5′.
Sun (d) 180° Neptune. Orb:5′.
XII (r) 90° Neptune. Orb:4′.
SN (p) 0° VIII. Orb:2′.
Sun (p) 120° VIII. Orb:9′.


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