Rectification: Jake Paul


Jake Paul.
January 17, 1997. 17:48:48 (UT). Rectified by Fadi Mazboudi.
41°N30′ — 81°W42′

Time on B.C.: 17:49:00 (UT)
Rectified time: 17:48:48 (UT)

The essence of this radix is pretty easy to extract: most of the planets are above the horizon, which shows his extroversion and inclination to social life. In turn, most of the planets are in earth signs, which is indicative of his excessive ambition (Capricorn) and thirst for material power.

There is a highly individualizing paran between the Moon which rises and the Sun/Jupiter conjunction culminating. Needless to say, the Moon in a good cosmic state in conjunction with the Ascendant, along with the paran put him in contact with the public; this is what brought him his massive fame and popularity—allowing him to stamp his existence onto the face of the world.

The ruler of the second house (money), Mercury, is in the VIII house (shared economy), in connection with Saturn in XI (friends, sponsors, protectors), and Mars in VI (speculation, investments). The reading that can be extracted from said configuration is simply the following: heavy involvement in the finances and investments of other people. The type of aspect they are connected with is a square: an aspect of stimulation and growth; not exempt from certain conflicts, clashes, or tension. There are very important harmonic aspects of compensation through Uranus and Pluto though.

Mercury is connected by a conjunction to both Venus and the IX cusp allowing his influence to permeate and spread over an international scale (evident with his merchandise, his fan-base from foreign lands/countries).

The chart is basically an entrepreneurs chart with a very efficient and productive T-square; though the superimposition of Mars/Saturn (both in adverse cosmic states) over the VI/XII axis can see him suffering from serious health issues as directions mature at a later stage in his life.

The MC is in conjunction with Altair, a fixed star of the first order, which is found in many outstanding personalities of all fields: it gives social prominence (evident).

Events and Directions in the Life of Jake Paul:

November 13, 2003 — Jake’s parents divorce.

Moon (d) 180° PL. Orb:6′.
Neptune (d) 120° Mars. Exact.

January 5, 2017 — Jake gets invited to the White House.

Sun (c) 0° Venus. Orb:3′.
Moon (c) 90° Jupiter. Orb:1′.

May 30, 2017 — Paul released a song and music video titled “It’s Everyday Bro”.

Venus (d) 0° Neptune. Orb:2′.

July 22, 2017 — Left his role on the Disney Channel series ‘Bizaardvark’.

Saturn (d) 90° Ur. Orb:2′.
VI (c) 90° PL. Orb:5′.

December 31, 2017 — His brother posts a video of a dead body on YouTube.

III (d) 180° Neptune. (the planet of defamation comes into contact with the house of siblings)


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