Juan Estadella quotes on Astrology


“You follow your path but you come to a fork and you do not know where to shoot. You climb a tree and from there you can see which of the two roads is yours. You go down and take it. That tree is Astrology. ”

“With Astrology you can select the best time to start a business, but if you intend to put a jewel in the desert, even with the help of the stars you will fail.”

“Astrology is like a good road map: it shows you the best way, which is not always the shortest or the easiest one.”

“Astrology is like medicine, it is a science-art, not an exact science.”

“As an astrologer, I do not believe in an immovable destiny that we can not change. I do not think of it as a script written by someone we must represent. But by conviction and personal experience, I do not believe in the absolute freedom of the individual to create his destiny. Rather, I believe in a middle term: there is a pre-configured destiny in its master lines, but with which it is possible to interact. ”

— Juan Estadella.


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