Jordan B. Peterson


Jordan B. Peterson
June 12, 1962. ???.
53°N33′ — 113°W28′

We do not have his birth time, but it is interesting to analyze the configurations that occur in his chart.

Seems like a highly productive and very efficient person: two T-squares, one in fixed signs and the other is in mutables.

The mutable T-square with Mercury in Gemini at the apex reveals his fluency and fluidity with words, his mental prowess, his highly developed communicative faculties.

The fixed T-square with Saturn at the apex (<1° Orb) shows a somewhat obstinate, rigid nature. There is a slight element of cruelty and brutality to his temperament (Mars 90° Saturn), along with a tendency to fight for his beliefs and ideals (Mars 180° Neptune).
The preponderance of squares are indicative of a fighter nature, ambitious and accustomed to overcoming obstacles. They are also indicative of the myriad of obstacles he had to (and will continue to) go through. Internal tension, agitation and conflict.
Soft aspects occur ~7 times in his chart, which is a great counter-balance for the preponderance of squares.
The planets forming up the fixed T-square are problematic (3 malefics). He managed to bring the most positive out of them through discipline; most people would have just lost control and negative planetary energies would have dominated their lives.


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