Astrology, Horoscopes, Directions. What are they?


“Astrology is the science of certain cryptic relations between the celestial bodies and terrestrial life.” Charles E.O Carter, The Principles of Astrology.

“The science of Astrology is concerned with the effects of planetary positions upon the earth and its inhabitants.” Vivian E. Robson, A Student’s Textbook of Astrology.

“The birth horoscope is known as the Radical chart or Radix, for it is the root from which all changes proceed. The radical horoscope constitutes an epitome of the whole life, and nothing can ever occur that is contradictory to its indications. If the horoscope shows poverty,  no subsequent influence can produce wealth. The Radix is always the primary consideration, and all changes and modifications of influence are subsidiary to those in the birth map.” Vivian E. Robson, A Beginner’s Guide to Practical Astrology.

“The radical horoscope shows the positions of the planets and signs at a definite moment, that of birth, and these are imprinted on the native throughout life.” Vivian E. Robson, A Beginner’s Guide to Practical Astrology.

“From the point of view of practical astrology the most valuable part of our investigation will perhaps be that which deals with the Zodiac as a basis of directing, that is, of foretelling the times in the life when the indications of the natal map will come into open manifestation.” Charles E.O Carter, The Zodiac and the Soul.

“It is held by many that the main value of Astrologic Law is the knowledge it affords whereby the chief events of any life may be known beforehand,  if sufficient care is expended on the necessary calculations and due judgment displayed.” Alan Leo, The Progressed Horoscope.

“The period at which the different events promised by the horoscope of birth are brought into effect is determined by the process called Directing.” Sepharial, The New Manual of Astrology.

“Directions or the calculating of future events are divided into two main headings, Primary and Secondary. The processes are based on the fact that after birth the plahnets and houses “progress”, or pass on to form different positions and aspects amongst themselves and to their birth positions, and therefore denote changing influences that enter into the life after birth. A Students’ Textbook of Astrology” Vivian E. Robson.

“As rational beings we shall always have a freedom of choice, but there will also be a fatal element in our lives, according to our horoscopes of birth.” Charles E.O Carter, Some Principles Of Horoscopic Delineation.


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