Events and Directions in the life of Erwin Rommel


*Reference: “Field Marshal, The Life and Death of Erwin Rommel” by Daniel Allen Butler.
*The Key for reading the abbreviations is at the end.

Erwin Rommel.
November 15, 1891. 11:03:23 (UT). Rectified by Issac Starkman.
48°N40′ — 10°E09′

July 19, 1910 — Rommel joins the 124th Württemberg Infantry Regiment as an officer cadet.

Moon (c) 0° III. Exact.
Mercury (p) 0° XII. Exact.
Venus (p) 0° XII. Exact.
Mars (c) 120° Asc. Exact.
PL (r) 90° Jupiter. Exact.
NN (c) 60° Jupiter. Exact.

March 1, 1914 — Attached to the 49th Field Artillery Regiment as a recruit instructor.

Moon (d) 180° Venus. Orb:3′.
PL (r) 180° Venus. Exact.
PL (r) 90° Jupiter. Orb:2′.

September 24, 1914 — Rommel wounded in the thigh, awarded the Iron Cross Second Class.

Sun (d) 90° VIII. Orb:1′.
Mars (d) 180° Moon. Orb:5′.
Mars (r) 90° XII. Orb:5′.
PL (p) 180° Venus. Exact.
XI (c) 0° Sun. Orb:1′.
XI (d) 60° Ur. Exact.
XI (r) 0° MC. Orb:7′.

January 29, 1915 — Rommel leads an attack on French positions in the Argonne Forest; awarded the Iron Cross First Class.

Moon (r) 0° P.fort. Orb:2′.
Mars (r) 90° XII. Orb:8′.
PL (p) 180° Venus. Exact.
III (d) 180° Sun. Orb:1′.
XI (c) 0° MC. Orb:7′.

November 27, 1916 — While on leave, Oblt. Erwin Rommel marries Lucie Mollin in Danzig.

Venus (c) 180° Moon. Orb:1′.
PL (p) 180° Venus. Orb:2′.
Asc. (p) 120° Ur. Orb:4′.
Sun (r) 135° V. Exact.

August 19, 1917 — Rommel’s company leads the successful assault on the crucial Romanian position of Mount Cosna. Rommel is wounded in the arm. For this injury he will be awarded the Silver Wound Badge in January 1918.

Neptune (d) 180° XII. Orb:12′.
VIII (c) 60° Neptune/PL. Orb:7′.

October 27, 1917 — The infantry abteilung led by Rommel captures Monte Matajur, the key to the Italian defense of the Korlovat Ridge.

Moon (r) 180° Venus. Orb:31′.
Mercury (r) 90° Asc. Orb:5′.
Venus (d) 0° XII. Orb:12′.
Neptune (d) 180° XII. Orb:2′.(?)

November 10, 1917 — Rommel’s abteilung captures the town of Longarone, for which Rommel is awarded the Pour le Mérite on December 18.

Mercury (r) 90° Asc. Orb:2′.
Venus (d) 0° XII. Orb:9′.
Neptune (d) 180° XII. Exact.(?)

January 11, 1918 — Rommel is promoted to Hauptmann (Captain) and transferred to the Staff of LXIV Corps on the Western Front, where he will remain until the end of the war.

III (c) 120° Sun. Orb:2′.
Jupiter (d) 150° MC. Exact.

December 24, 1928 — A son, Manfred, is born to Erwin and Lucie Rommel.

Sun (r) 0° Mars. Orb:12′.
MC (r) 0° Mars. Orb:2′.

October 1, 1929 — Rommel is posted to the Reichswehr’s Infantry School in Dresden as an

III (c) 90° Neptune/PL. Orb:5′.
Mars (r) 120° Asc. Orb:2′.

April 1, 1932 — Rommel is promoted to Major.

Venus (d) 180° P.fort. Orb:1′.
Ur (d) 60° Mars. Orb:7′.
P.fort (c) 90° Jupiter. Orb:6′.

October 1, 1933 — Rommel is appointed commanding officer, 3rd (Jäger) Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment.

Venus (d) 90° Mars. Orb:2′.
Mars (c) 150° Asc. Exact.
Jupiter (d) 0° Moon. Orb:1′.
Jupiter (p) 90° MC. Orb:1′.
Asc. (c) 0° XI. Orb:8′.
Asc. (d) 120° Mercury. Orb:6′.
III (c) 120° Ur. Exact.

September 30, 1934 — Adolf Hitler meets Rommel for the first time, at a troop review in Dresden.

Jupiter (c) 90° Mars. Orb:5′.
PL (c) 135° XI. Exact.
Asc. (r) 0° XI. Orb:3′.

October 15 1935 — Rommel is posted to the Infantry School at the Potsdam War College as an instructor.

MC (c) 60° Venus. Orb:2′.
Sun (d) 30° Mercury. Exact.
Mars (d) 90° Jupiter. Orb:5′.
Asc. (d) 120° Venus. Orb:2′.
NN (c) 60° V. Orb:1′.

February 15, 1940 — Rommel is given command of the 7th Panzer Division.

Venus (d) 0° Asc. Orb:4′.
Mars (d) 0° XI. Orb:6′.
PL (c) 150° MC. Exact.

May 15, 1940 — Rommel is awarded the Clasp to the Iron Cross Second Class (indicates a second award).

Moon (c) 120° MC. Orb:1′.
Asc (c) 0° Venus Orb:5′.
Mars (d) 0° XI. Orb:8′.
Venus (p) 120° Neptune/PL. Orb:6′.
NN (c) 60° Neptune/PL. Orb:4′.

May 27–31, 1940 — Battle for Lille; Rommel narrowly escapes death twice during the fighting.

Moon (c) 120° MC. Orb:3′.
Mercury (p) 0° XII. Orb:9′.
Venus (p) 120° Neptune/PL. Orb:8′.
Mars (d) 0° XI. Orb:11′.
Asc (c) 0° Venus Orb:7′.

February 9, 1941 — Rommel is promoted to Generalleutnant (Lieutenant General) and given command of two panzer divisions which will be sent to North Africa to reinforce and stabilize the Italians in Libya. These divisions will become the Afrika Korps.

PL (d) 180° Asc. Orb:6′.
MC (d) 150° Neptune/PL. Exact.
Venus (d) 60° MC. Orb:3′.
Mars (c) 120° XI. Orb:5′.
Asc. (r) 90° Jupiter. Orb:11′.
Asc. (r) 180° Neptune/PL. Orb:8′.

March 20, 1941 — Rommel is awarded the Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross.

MC (d) 150° Neptune/PL. Exact.
Venus (d) 60° MC. Orb:3′.
Venus (c) 30° Sun. Exact.
Venus (d) 60° Sun. Orb:6′.
Sun (d) 60° Jupiter. Orb:4′.
Moon (c) 60° Asc. Orb:7′.
Asc. (r) 180° Neptune/PL. Orb:4′.

January 20, 1942 — Rommel is awarded the Swords to the Oak Leaves of the Knight’s Cross.

Jupiter (p) 120° P.fort. Orb:2′.
Jupiter (p) 0°II. Orb:12′.
PL (d) 120° MC. Orb:4′.
Asc (r) 0° Venus. Orb:4′.

September 19, 1942 — Suffering from a variety of health issues, Rommel leaves North Africa, turning over command of the Panzerarmee to General Georg Stumme.

Sun (p) 120° VIII. Orb:10′.
Mercury (c) 0° Mars. Orb:2′.
Neptune (c) 90° Asc. Orb:3′.

July 17, 1944 — Rommel is severely injured when Royal Air Force Spitfire fighters strafe his automobile near Sainte-Germaine-de-Montgommery.

Venus (d) 90° III. Exact.

October 14, 1944 — Rommel takes a quick-acting poison and dies outside Herrlingen, Germany.

Mercury (d) 0° Asc. Exact.
Saturn (r) 120° Asc. Orb:7′.

September 26, 1971 — Lucie Rommel dies in Stuttgart, and is buried beside her husband in

Asc. (d) 180° Venus. Orb:8′.
Jupiter (r) 180° VIII. Orb:2′.
VIII (r) 135° Ur. Exact.

November 7, 2013 –Manfred Rommel dies in Stuttgart.

Venus (d) 180° Mars. Orb:7′.
Mars (c) 180° Mercury. Orb:8′.
V (c) 90° Sun. Orb:12′.


d: direct.
c: converse.
p: progressed.
r: regressed.
*The first factor is the directed factor and the second factor is the radical factor.


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