Why the Solar Arc Method doesn’t exist


In “Prediction II”, on page 60, Alexander Marr states:

“The SA (Solar Arc) in RA should not be confused with the Solar Arc in the ecliptic. The latter has been found to be purely fictitious both in theory, (with unacceptable orbs, too many factors and no astronomical base) and practice. Tests made on rectified radicies with many events,
consolidate these claims.”

In “Astrologers, Kings, Politicians and Others Part II”, on page 5, Alexander Marr and Issac Starkman State:

“The Solar-Arc method (in eclipto) is pure fiction; unfortunately it is still very much in use, as is the Uranian System based on non-existent hypothetic Trans-Neptunian planets.
As all planets discovered so far obviously have variable latitudes and hypothetic planets have not, followers of this system, undergoing qualified criticism, had to change their name to that of the so-called “hypothetic snesitive points”.
They mix these points and real planets to create five thousand Arabic points on the Zodiac. The result is interpretation with a clearly wrong symbolism and other defects which violate statistical laws of coincidence and defy logic (See: Prediction III, p. 92,Fictions in Aastrology)”

On page 169 of the same book we read:

“The Solar-Arc in eclipto, being one-dimensional, is wholly fictitious, articulating itself in orbs too large for proper control, and often through dubious symbolism.”


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